Magma Strings
Classic Guitar Transpositor Series
Magma Transpositor Classic Guitar strings allowed the interpretation of a music piece in
different tones without transposing musical notes from one key to another in the score.
CAT NO   1 2 3 4 5 6
GCT-E E-Tuning (Bass) E B/H G D A E
GCT-D D-Tuning D A F C G D
GCT-GL G-Low Tuning G D bB F C G
GCT-GH G-High G D bB F C G
GCT-TR Tenor Requinto Tuning A E C G D A
GCT-Cello Cello Tuning B E A D G C
GCT-BARI Baritone Tuning B #F D A B E